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Monday, March 31, 2008

Lotsa Fun

The last couple of days have been fun, and a little scary. For the fun part, Josh and I have spent a couple days at Jess and Sarah's house, and we've had a lot of fun hanging out, watching our kids play together, and just having good adult conversation. Sarah and I did laundry together, just sitting and talking while it was running, and folding everything, and arguing about the proper way to fold towels and shirts. It was really nice to talk to someone my age, with my kind of problems; we really understand each other and it's a very liberating feeling.
Sarah and I have also enjoyed hours in the kitchen, comparing recipes, joking about our husband's likes and dislikes of food, and trying to keep little fingers out of the candy bowl. The scary part was the tornados that were touching down all around us, but we were lucky enough to be avoided by all them. We didn't even get any hail or really heavy thunder/lightning; we felt very blessed to have not been in any danger.
Today, it's been all play with the kids, because while we were worrying about the storm, we all pitched in and cleaned their house from top to bottom, so we only had to fix meals and load the dishwasher the rest of the way. Tonight we're going to go to bed early, and get Josh ready to be gone for three weeks. He's going to Pheonix to work some mods for planes going to Hawaii, so I'll be a little lonely, but I think I'm up to it.
Dallas has had a lot of fun playing with Cai, Jess and Sarah's son, and he's going to miss him when we go back home. He's learning a lot about talking and sharing, and how to sleep in a toddler bed; it's pretty exciting. Dallas is also fighting a rash again :( but we're using the special cream for yeast infections, and following up with oatmeal baths and lots of powder.
We expect to be back home early Thursday morning.

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